Professional Soil Scientists

Do you need the help of a Professional Soil Scientist?

Hire a WSPSS member Professional Soil Scientist (PSS) today!

Visit this list often for a current listing of our members working in your area!
If you are a PSS and would like to join WSPSS, visit our members page for an application.

Mark Westpetal
516 Roosevelt Court, River Falls, WI 54022
(715) 425-845 (H) or (715)-808-3229 (C)
Professional Soil Scientist (PSS) in WI & MN and Septic System Designer & Inspector in MN
Serving Pierce and St. Croix Counties in Wisconsin!

Mike Havlik
Coulee Soil Testing, LLC
Stoddard, WI
(608) 782-7870

Steven Frings
Waupaca, WI

Gary W Starzinski
Star Environmental
705 Third Street-PO Box 434
Marathon, WI 54448
(715) 443-6115 (H), (715) 443-6108 (F), (715) 571-0829 (C)
Over 35 years of Professional Experience
PSS, Certified Soil Tester, USACE and WDNR Wetland Delineator, Certified Environmental Inspector
Services include: Soil Evaluations for Septic Systems and Stormwater, Septic System Designs, Wetland Delineations and Mitigations, Environmental Phase I Assessments, Non-Metallic Mine Permitting, Pond Designs and Permitting, High Intensity Soil Surveys and Interpretations, WDNR Permit  Assistance.

Ann Michalski
Wetlands and Waterways, LLC
Park Falls, WI
(715) 892-4211
PSS, PWS, CST, WDNR Professionally Assured Wetland Delineator

Tom Guyse
TG Soil & Water, Inc.
Lyndon Station, WI
(608) 666-2512

Robert Whitmyer
Matrix Soils & Systems, Inc.
Duluth, MN
(218) 390-2869

Mark Iverson
Evergreen Irrigation
Hammond, WI
(715) 796-2318

E. Jerry Tyler
Tyler and Associates, Inc.
Oregon, WI
(608) 835-9499

Ken Denow
8127 Forestview Road
Kewaskum, WI 53040
(262) 353-0387 (cell)
(262) 677-3926 (fax)
Land Application Site Approvals and Municipal Sludge


2 responses to “Professional Soil Scientists

  1. Professor B.B.Mishra, India

    February 20, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Soil is the lowest boundary of entire earth’s atmosphere and deserves commitment recognize its vital contribution. Diurnal change in soil temperature as well as photopedogenesis could play role significantly.
    Professor B.B.Mishra, India

  2. Professor B.B.Mishra, India

    April 29, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Soil Science is at collapsible stage. It is not merely at risk only what soil professionals often apprehend. In some part of the world, they do believe that soil science is synonym to what we call natural resource management, wherein pedology in particular is almost buried and taxonomy is insignificant due solely to confinement to top soil. Contrary to some of above facts, soil science has reached its peak in importance following its critical zone concept (food, water and air/environment). We need basic research in soil science including soil biodiversity. The alarming rate of soil sealing as well as soil shrinkage due to non-farming activities without any legal ban or planning is the most serious global concern. Soil being the lowest boundary of entire atmosphere excluding ocean is subject to ultimate interactions of incoming radiation, but our knowledge to soil science monitor the change due to such interactions is scanty even. Photopedogenesis as well as Diurnal thermal characteristics of pedons may help in part to disclose the way for better understanding. As such, soil science in all scientific fairness seems to attain its glorious present and soil science professionals do come forward to join the hands. Let soil be characterized (pedon as its unit), pedogenic productivity be evaluated following its suitability for most remunerative return . No one else could be leader except soil science professionals.


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