WSPSS Members Escape!

28 Sep

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September 26, 18 WSPSS members were locked up in the Oshkosh Correctional Institution.  Fortunately 90 minutes later all 18 members were released to the general public!   While visiting, WSPSS members had the opportunity to see one of the nation’s largest institutional vermiculture operations.  The institution disposes of approximately 1000 pounds of kitchen organic waste weekly into over 200 worm bins.  In the course of a four-month period the 5 lbs of red worms in each bin will multiply to almost 10 lbs, and dispose of 80 lbs of food waste.  A terrific byproduct of this process is the nutrient rich worm castings which are separated, dried and utilized to fertilize gardens. 

After the tour we traveled north to Kerrigan Brothers Winery for our business meeting and lunch.  After our meeting Troy Kerrigan graciously provided a tour of his facility and explained his wine making process.  Some members even participated in a little “tasting”. 

Stay Tuned for news of an Early December business meeting. 



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