We’re looking for new committee members!

30 Dec

Our committees are looking for new members!  We want some fresh faces and ideas!

We currently are looking for someone who wants to Chair the Promotions Committee. We need somebody with the drive and get-er-done attitude to really invigorate our promotions committee.

We are also currently looking for somebody who can regularly maintain our Facebook Fan Page with notices, events, and fun soil related news. So if you’re on Facebook everyday, this one is certainly for you! This would be a GREAT opportunity to interact with WSPSS members and soil lovers from anywhere!

Don’t want to be a Chair? Just want to help out when you have time? Your time commitment can be minimal, you decide how much time you want to invest.  All members are welcome to join a committee or just help out! Contact a committee chair or member to find out what you can work on.

A current list of committees and committee contacts is on our Members page.

Remember, we’re always looking for member stories and news to post in our Dirt Dauber! We love to hear your stories from the field wether you are a seasoned PSS or a student just starting out.  If you have breaking news that just can’t wait or fit in a Dirt Dauber, let us know so we can post them to this website.  Pictures are always appreciated!

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