Happy 40th to WSPSS!

25 May

Today we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of our organization, the Wisconsin Society of Professional Soil Scientists.

On May 25, 1971 following the summer SCSA meeting at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 35 soil scientists assembled and formed the Organization of Wisconsin Soil Scientists.  Interim dues of $2.00 were collected.

Interim officers were Del Thomas, President; Ernie Link, Vice-President; and Gordon Wing, Secretary-Treasurer. Harvey Strelow, Auggie Otter, and Bob Slota along with the interim officers comprised the organizational committee. Appointed to the membership committee were Phil McColley, Sherm Radtke, and Paul Carroll.

This organization was oriented toward addressing the interests and concerns of practicing soil scientists.

During the later part of 1971, much effort was directed toward naming the Society, developing drafts of Constitution and By-laws, and developing aims and goals for the Society.

It was durthing the latter part of 1971 or early 1972 that the organization adopted the name Wisconsin Society of Professional Soil Scientists.

Today WSPSS has over 100 members, including students and professionals in the public and private sector.

This article includes an excerpt from “Hisory of Wisconsin Soil Survey,” USDA-NRCS, 2007

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